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Gangster G Series Headphones w/a 15 Hour Battery Life


ShootingStar Wave Technology 24 Bid Digital Audio Earbuds Work with iPhone 7


ShootingStar: Every Note of Music to your Ears Music should be enjoyed in a limitless experience of detailed sound and unbounded rhythm. Instead of standard audio 16-bit technology, we created ShootingStar earphones using pure digital 24-bit technology giving the users significantly wider frequency. ShootingStar earphones are meant to be worn all day, every day while commuting, exercising, cleaning, and playing. They take the pain out of the mundane! A pure 24-bit Digital Sound earphone set that is bringing you an experience of music and videos truly like no other. Your mobile devices can provide 24-digital sound quality. However, you are using an Auxiliary Port with regular earphones that only let you listen […]

Growing Your Social Media

Growing Your Social Media Facbook  Twitter  Pinterest People would always wish to create social media pages for their businesses; have the right people liking or following the pages and spreading the news about your company. Basically, every online entrepreneur is always hoping for actions which can result into quality leads; be it through LinkedIn, Google Plus, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest or Twitter. Developing a following on social media is one of the most challenging tasks which every online marketer has to deal with. What should you do to make your social media pages have a large and reliable followers? Creating content and understanding the social media platform First, you need to […]

How to Use Facebook for Business Marketing

Facebook (FB) is one of the most popular social networking website where people can connect and share content online. Presently, this site has over 1 billion active users. This social network was originally designed for college students. It was designed by Mark Zuckerberg in 2004.   The popularity of Facebook has been one of the key driving forces why other sites have been working to integrate their websites with Facebook. This has facilitated how people share their content and interact with one another. For instance, an application has been developed which enables Twitter to be integrated with Facebook. That is to say, if you create a tweet at www.twitter.com the […]

How the Web Was Invented

Websites were invented in the early 90s by Tim-Berners Lee at CERN. During this time it was mainly used for scientific communication which involved the use of plain text which were in black and white. Moreover, at this time; it was limited in terms of the effective area of communication. Over the past two decades, websites have really gone through a series of metamorphosis which have geared towards making it a better platform through which people can communicate with ease. A good example is the incorporation of multimedia support which has really enhanced the beauty of the websites.   They have become widely available to a larger population than before […]

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